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Natural nutrition consultations

Natural Nutrition is a safe, holistic way of healing the body through diet and naturopathic techniques. It looks at and treats the underlying root cause instead of focusing on just the presenting symptoms. The whole person is considered with the aim of restoring balance and harmony within the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  This enables us to have a deeper connection with ourselves and subsequently the natural rhythms and cycles of the universe.


Our bodies vibrate at a certain frequency. When this frequency is vibrating at a high level, the body is feeling good, it’s working as a whole, each part is communicating and working well together and generally we feel well in ourselves.


When this natural vibration is distorted and begins to decrease in frequency or is constantly low, we can feel unwell, out of kilter and disconnected from ourselves and everything around us. Our bodies will be working hard to try and maintain a sense of balance to keep us going. This is a sign that our body needs some help and support.


Natural nutrition considers the health of the entire body right down to cellular level. It assesses whether your diet and lifestyle is nourishing, nurturing and supporting your body and its biochemistry. Specific areas that are addressed include but are not limited to:


  • How well you are digesting your food, how well it is absorbed and metabolised (broken down for energy/fuel)?

  • Does the food you eat and the fluids you drink provide you with the nutrients you need and are those nutrients getting to where they are needed and utilised effectively?

  • Are your cleansing and eliminating mechanisms functioning optimally?

  • Is your hormonal system in balance?

  • Is your immune system supporting you?

  • Hydration, blood sugar, body temperature and pH levels are all addressed.

  • Organ function.


    If any of these areas are feeling challenged, overloaded, overwhelmed, stressed or disrupted, introducing a non-challenging diet, naturopathic techniques and possibly lifestyle changes can begin to shift any toxic build up in the cells. The stress that the body is experiencing at cellular level starts to dissipate and the biochemistry starts to return to optimum functionality. This creates the space, freedom and movement needed for the body to begin moving towards a place of health and wellbeing.


    Natural nutrition provides you with the tools to tune in to your body, assess what it needs and implement the necessary changes enabling the body to heal itself.


    It empowers you to take responsibility for your own health and healing. Instead of seeing disease as a negative manifestation, it can be viewed as an opportunity for powerful and positive change.


    Benefits of Natural Nutrition:

  • Improvement in your symptoms and overall health picture.

  • Greater clarity of mind.

  • Improvement in mental and emotional health.

  • Deeper connection with yourself and everything around you, more ‘in tune’ with nature’s rhythms.

  • More energised, more motivated.

  • Less ‘stuck’ on a physical, mental and emotional level.

  • Feeling of freedom, more alive.

  • A feeling of empowerment: you can take responsibility for your own health.

  • Enhanced understanding of your own health picture.


Natural Nutrition is suitable for men, women and children and can assist with a whole range of symptoms and illnesses as well as those who primarily want to improve their health.





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Initial consultation (90mins) -  £75

Follow up consultation (60 mins) - £50


What to expect


Your first consultation allows George to take an in depth case history charting your physical, mental and emotional health from birth to the present day, assess your ancestral health patterns and consider the impact of your current diet. From this, the connections between symptoms and how your current health picture has manifested start to become apparent.


George will devise a plan tailored specifically for you and your needs which may include dietary recommendations, naturopathic techniques and supplementation.


Follow up consultations provide an opportunity to assess how you are feeling, how the body is responding and allows George to make any necessary changes to your plan so that the pace of cleansing, eliminating and healing feels comfortable for you.

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