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Client Testimonials

"I have been doing pilates for 7 years having been told by a chiropractor that it was the best thing for my back problems.  Since then it has transformed me in more ways than one. Concentration, energy, posture, strength to deal with difficult times, it never stops, and is continually growing in deeeper ways.  George is a one in a million thanks to her for her patience..."

Bunny Gooley, Private client, 2012


"George has been teaching me pilates for the last 6 years and I can highly recommend her. No two sessions are ever the same; there is no set routine so one never knows what is coming next. She always manages to introduce a new sequence of movements. Each session focuses on what my body needs and if I arrive with a problem, it has always disappeared or been relieved by the end of the session. George has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and how the body works and she is always ready to offer nutritional advice to help remedy any problem one might have. Her approach is first class and very personal."

Bettina Pescod, Private client, 2012


"George is absolutely the greatest teacher. She knows anatomy and works in such a way that you mentally connect with the exercises. I wouldn't recommend anyone else, she is brilliant."

Ruby Wax, Private client, 2012


“I have been taking classes with George for 7 years – and I would recommend her to anyone whatever age or level of fitness they are at. She has an extremely thorough and holistic approach to her teaching which is truly impressive – her background in dance has obviously been a huge influence on her understanding of how the body works. She seems to have an intuitive sense of what is required, and the classes are never formulaic – you always leave feeling stronger and in some way restored. I don’t know how she does it...........”

Sarah Delaney, Private client, 2012


"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and support this year. Being new to pilates, your personality and friendliness and the brilliant way you explain and demonstrate made my discovery of pilates both a pleasure and a great benefit to my health. I look forward to the classes and the hour 'whizzes' by. You are an absolute joy to work with."

Mike Pearce, Group Class Member, 2013


Having had to take an excessive amount of time off work from illness, I turned to George to help me take control of my condition. George took a full diagnosis of my current condition, lifestyle and walked me through my life to where I am today. I was astounded by the level of detail and explanation George gave for the reasons for my suffering, as I began to understand all that had contributed to the difficulties I was having. Offering a number of suggestions in diet and lifestyle changes, George has helped me feel truly empowered to take responsibility for my health. In just a few weeks I feel stronger, healthier and ready to make these changes a permanent part of my life. Thank you George for everything you’ve given, from making me feel at ease during the initial consultation to the continuing support you’ve offered since, as well as suggesting resources for me to find out more! If you want to take control of your health and healing, I couldn’t recommend George highly enough.

Amy Scudder, Natural Nutrition Client, 2015


I first started attending Pilates classes with George in October of 2012, when suffering with a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine. My GP advised trying Pilates, and I went online to look for a suitable instructor.

I was first of all impressed by the presentation of George's website. She was clearly very knowledgeable on many aspects of lifestyle and wellbeing.

I spoke to George by phone, and she came across as a very warm and encouraging person, to someone completely new to Pilates. She advised me which was her beginners' class and I went along. On that first occasion, I could barely walk into the class.

Right from the start, I was extremely impressed by George's personal approach, even in a group setting. She proved that she had listened carefully during our phone chat, and for each exercise offered me advice for how I should tailor it to suit my back problem.

Over three years later, George still manages to offer that same personal approach in her increasingly popular classes. Pilates is without a doubt, the key element that saw me through a year of excruciating physical pain and kept me mobile and able to work. It is now two and a half years since I fully recovered, and I have no intention of leaving George's class, as I continue to feel in better physical condition all the time, and I am convinced that Pilates will prevent any recurrence of my disc problem.

Since recovering, I have made regular use of George's one-to-one sessions in her own studio. Working with her on her Reformer apparatus, has taken my Pilates to a new level, making me more aware of my form when performing the exercises. As with her mat work classes, George does a fantastic job of describing and demonstrating each exercise, as well as explaining it's benefits.

After starting classes with George, I subsequently moved down the road to Farnham. There are a number of local classes here, but I choose to stay with George as she knows my history as well as I do myself, and I do not believe I could find a better instructor anywhere.

Whether you're looking to come back from a physical injury, or just looking to improve your overall condition and wellbeing, I cannot recommend George highly enough!

Dom Chad, Pilates Client, 2016


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